Re: All other search providers removed: required to use bing

This has absolutely nothing to do with the BBM .55 upgrade.  I have been running that for a couple of days, but last night VZW pushed new Service Books to my phone after midnight, without asking or telling me they were going to do so, nor did I request them.  And just so you know 24 hours earlier I logged onto the vzw.blackberry email site and sent a complete set of Service Books to my phone, that did not make the bing change.  So VZW is doing this piece meal, little bit at a time.
Lately I have noticed VZW pushing things to me all without the ability for me to remove or uninstall them if I dont want them.  I bought my phone, it is mine I pay them for the service, but that does not give them the right to dictate to me what software THEY want me to have.
Now if RIM had made this part of all of their OS's then that is a whole different ballgame.  But they didnt.  And yes I can set Google as my home page, but why do I have to do a work around when 24 hours ago I had my phone set-up how I wanted it.  But trust me bing is a vastly ineffective search engine, try using it, (if you havent).
But all that aside I am not trying to start a battle amongst us users.  But I am throwing in my support that VZW needs to give us our choices back, not dictate.  I think that if they had added bing to the list of 4 there wouldnt be this big of a ruckus, mostly people would be happy, as we would still have choice.