Re: Is digital text messaging 4 blackberry?


67 wrote:

I have a blackberry storm 2 and was wondering if digital text messaging is available when I don't have service for my phone?  My friend has an LG I believe and he can send text or email messages even when he don't have service.


That's a good question.  I would think that if you did not have service on your device, then no form of communication could be done, except calling 911 services.  Text messaging is like a telephone call, in that it is between 2 cell phones, with the message being delivered via a SMS gateway.  So, if you were not able to make or recieve calls, then you probably would not be able to text.  I do know that if you do not have a 1XEV signal, which is a 3G signal, you can not make or recieve email on a Blackberry device.  It has to be connected to the network.  Email is different on a Blackberry in that it uses RIM's Blackberry Internet Service for email and internet.  Email is pushed to your device via that network.  Thus, one of the reasons for the data plan.