better technology!!!


ok i am looking to buy a new phone. as it turns out none of the phones in alltel satisfy me. i love being an alltel customer, but your phones could be better. for example the blackberry looks amazing, but the ONLY problem i see with it is, the buttons are too small, a lot of people have big fingers how are they suppose to press the buttons? the touchscreens, eventually every electronic device you buy is going to mess up..but the biggest problem with those is the touch screens freeze or stop working, my friend has a touch screen and i find that very difficult and frustrating to deal with.  other phones are nice but the screens are either too small or just aren't for me. so my thing is, i would like to buy a blackberry and a way you can better the blackberry is make the buttons bigger, if that's impossible ok i understand but it's just a suggesting, this email is just a suggestion..thanks.

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