AIM on Blackberry 8530


I've been trying to figure out this question for awhile.


I check online, I call customer service. I get DIFFERENT ANSWERERS EVERYTIME!


If I download AIM from Blackberry.




Will it use DATA or TEXT MESSAGING?  Verizon reps flip flop their answers.


I called verizon again. Asked the same question. Does AIM for blackberry use Data or texts to get and send instant messages?.

Him:"It uses data"
Me:"are you sure? because I keep getting told different answers"
Him:"Let me check".....
Him:"No, it uses texts."


Either it does or doesn't pick one. There is ZERO reason why an APPLICATION should use texts and not data.


So what's the deal? Does AIM use DATA or Texts?


I have 500 out of network texts, thats all.

I have unlimited Data for blackberry.

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