Re: Reload OS



Thanks for responding back.  That OS is a very stable release.  I have seen other users have problems, but the problems were usually caused by an app that interfered with the OS.  Some common apps that have caused problems in the past include Google Sync, Facebook, and Slacker.  These were some apps that were reported by some users to cause problems such as locking up, freezing, or slow responding Blackberry devices. 

My suggestion would be to reload fresh and not install any 3rd party apps for a couple of days.  See if things work ok.  Then, add your apps one at a time to test for problems.  I would add an app each day, testing each.  That way there, you can see which app might be causing the problem.  Also, certain customized themes and ringtones have been known to cause problems.  Just a few suggestions to help narrow down potential problems.  I have been running for about 2 months now with no problems.  Obviously, it is a leaked version, but one of the most stable OS versions to date.  You might want to check out Crackberry's web site here for tips on loading or upgrading an OS.