Re: Why hasn't Verizon pushed Marshmallow for the Blackberry Priv yet?


Rise in complaints is an understatement.  I've been working closely with an FCC agent and what Verizon tells to people on the phone widely varies.  In short, complainants have been told:

* The phone makes calls and texts and that's all we need to do.

* That information is proprietary.

* "Upgrade" to an iphone.

* We'll send you a Galaxy S6 Edge and you can keep the Priv.

* We are working on it.

* We can't give you a date.

* Te valoramos como cliente.

* We are beholden to our shareholders.

* Blackberry doesn't have any updates.

* Blackberry doesn't have monthly updates.

* Blackberry never sent patches to us.

* Patches come directly from Blackberry.

* We rejected the patches and sent them back to Blackberry.

* If you wanted patch support you should have bought an iPhone or a Nexus.

And several others conflicting statement.  In each case they file a standard form reply and try and close the complaint.  As you know, several of us are refusing to close it until the matter is resolved one way or another, regardless of how long it takes.  The FTC and FCC are investigating and are taking our complaints into account. FCC Launches Inquiry into Mobile Device Security Updates | Federal Communications Commission