Re: Angry BlackBerry User


Not really losing its identity. Security wise, Samsung and Google wanted the technology so BlackBerry announced partnerships in the area of security.

Blackberry is known for it physical QWERTY keyboard (and it layout), toolbelt, and security options. Recently, BlackBerry announced the mobile enterprise thingy consolidating access to all functions that will be available later this year. Have you heard about the copyright infringement when one company supported by Ryan Seacrest were sued by BB for taking the BB QWERTY keyboard design as their own for the optional iPhone accessory?

As for Android apps, BB only made it like a sandbox, where the Android apps have no direct access to BB10 OS. At least for me, the native apps pre-installed on the Passport is enough. But then again, I don't use my Passport for playing games and or social media; but for phone calls, SMS, emails, word processing, note taking, etc.