Re: When will Verizon push 10.3.1 to Z10?

Amazing!  That's exactly what they want you to do...ditch your BB10 device for an iPhone!  They'll probably remove this post...but here goes.  Surf out to and search for:

OS Live Links

When you've found that thread, the first page of it has the files you need.  About six pages in, there's a step by step process of how to update your phone including how to thoroughly back it up. 

I'm on Verizon with a BlackBerry Z10 currently running version  I upgraded to and then went to  It's much better than 10.2.

I was afraid to try this at first, but decided to go for it because of the frustration of waiting for something that I saw other people were saying was great.  I've had an iPhone before.  It's a fine product.  I prefer BB10 however.  That's what gave me the courage to pull the trigger and do this.  My Z10 is like a brand new phone now. 

In your post, you say you have a Z30.  That's a better BB10 phone than my Z10!  What a shame that you're going to ditch it because Verizon won't release the OS update. Oh well...I guess Verizon wins and some salesman gets a commission.