Re: When will Verizon push 10.3.1 to Z10?


We "little people" will never get that kind of detailed insight as to what's going on behind the scenes.  The problem as I see it is that BlackBerry released a garbage update that wreaked havoc with their phones.  BlackBerry has historically been notorious for making announcements about things, new devices, updates, etc., that don't materialize for some time after the announcement is made.  Apparently their OS updates are following that pattern.  10.2 is rock solid and works great.  I'm perfectly content to wait several months until they iron out all the bugs in these latest BB 10.3 OS updates.  Check CrackBerry and keep reading the horror stories about people with Z30's and Z10's that are paperweights.  It's just not worth trying to load until it's ready.  Don't blame Verizon...blame BlackBerry.  Verizon doesn't create BB10 OS updates for BlackBerry devices...BlackBerry does. 

You'll know when it's ready when your Verizon BlackBerry tells you that there's an OS 10.3 update ready to download.  It's tempting to download some of these pre-released updates through avenues other than Verizon's own update utility.  My advice...steer clear!  Read the stories on CrackBerry.  Not good! 

I write all these things as a Z10 owner.  I've got a burning curiosity just as much as the next BlackBerry 10 owner, but at least right Z10 works and it's solid. 

Peace be to you.