Storm 2 Shattered Screen


Just an FYI.
I dropped my Storm 2, it landed face down and shattered the screen. No insurance.
I went to the Verizon store and they said that they wouldn't repair it.
I found the screen/digitizer online and the replacement instructions on YouTube and replaced it myself.
It turned out to be a very easy repair (with the correct tools from the part supplier). Now works as good as new.
Don't be afraid to do the repair your self. It was about $70.00 plus freight.

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Re: Storm 2 Shattered Screen

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Thanks for the tip, bfield01.


And you get to keep your own phone ... no playing Refurb Roulette!

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Re: Storm 2 Shattered Screen

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Nice work, bfield01! And for less than the cost of a deductible, not to mention not having to set up another phone . . .
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