Re: Bold 9650 with Random Reboots


Hi, all,


I just wanted to update this thread on the status of my device since loading the latest OS 6 v a couple of days ago.  The install was flawless and my device is running smoothly.  I believe the random reboots are a thing of the past.


First, if you have waited to upgrade your Bold's software, go ahead and do so.  This is a very stable software release.  The reboots never occurred and a breath of fresh air was breathed into my device.  It runs smoothly and snappier since the upgrade.  I maintain a constant 3G signal with no dropped calls.  The native browser works nicely, however, I do use the latest Opera Mini Version 6 Update 1 on my Bold.  I prefer the Opera Mini browser just because it loads pages faster.  Other features include an updated calendar and of course the new OS 6 interface.  I realize some of you may not care for the OS 6 interface and prefer the old OS 5, so to you I say, stay with what works for you.  My battery drain is minimal, no more than with the last OS 5 software release.  As a matter of fact, I went to work last night with a fully charged device and came home with about 75% remaining on my battery.  I did not make many calls last night, but I did answer a few emails and surfed the web a bit. 


In summary, I am going to mark this thread as having a solution found.  I firmly believe the first OS 6 release from Verizon had a poorly written radio file, thus causing my device to lose connectivity with the network and causing the random reboots.  This was resolved with the .524 OS release.  I hope this thread helps some of you who had the same problems.  Gracias.





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