Re: Bold 9650 with OS 6 and Random Reboots


Hi, all,

Despite wiping my Bold 9650 with OS 6 installed and starting over from scratch, my device insists on randomly rebooting.  I could not figure it out, what for sure was causing the problem.  I thought it might be an app, but the random reboots still occurred every few hours.  I had no choice but to downgrade my Bold back to OS 5.  I wiped the device and loaded v  That OS is a very stable choice, without any problems that I can find.  I know many of you upgraded to the OS 6 and probably didn't experience the reboots and I am glad for you.  The only thing I can figure out is there is some glitch in the software that I can not find.  I am going to wait until the next official OS 6 is released to see if it might be more stable.  I depend on my Blackberry for telephone calls due to the fact I am on call with my job a lot and can not afford to miss a call, even though I have voice mail.  You know how a reboot goes on a takes a few minutes to restart.  For now, OS 5 will do.  I actually have no problems running the .975, as it has been very stable, as I stated.  If any of you experience random reboots with your device, please let me know here in this thread. 


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