Re: Storm II GPS

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Please follow the steps outlined below to ensure that your GPS settings are set to Location On.


From the main screen, press Blackberry Key
Tap Options to highlight and press screen to select
Tap Advanced Options, to highlight and press screen to select.
Tap GPS, to hightlight and press screen to select.
Tap GPS Services box to open options.
Tap Location On and press screen to select.
Press Blackberry Key
Tap Save to higlight and press screen to save settings.


If Location On is selected, please follow the steps below to check the software version on your device:


The latest version created for your device is:  Software: 5.0.0 Rel -1656 /Platform App


If your devices shows any other version, it will be necessary to backup the information on your phone and download the latest software version by connecting your device to your computer via the USB cable that came with your equipment.  The software link can be downloaded at the link below:


Software Update: BlackBerry® Storm2™ 9550


NOTE: All data will be erased from your device after the software update.