Re: Blackberry signal issue


Hey sorry i havent posted in having the same issue.I had a perfectly good never not once dropped a signal anywhere.i would go to anyones house and they couldnt get signals but i could with my verizon its the other way around since i got my phone replaced..,we purchased our phones on,but could i walk into verizon store and maybe have my phone checked out?.we have a upgrade in july and im wishing for  july to come so fast.


I refuse to pay another 89 dollars for a replacement phone .i have to go outside to talk just like  hadley said.i answer my phone in here i hear people but they cant hear me and i drop signal.i go outside im fine.also with texting  it drops signal when texting in a few days ago i dropped a signal outside?.i need to know what can be done about it?.Not just what i need to do,but what should i as a customer do to fix my phone problem? and what will verizon do to fix the issue at hand? will they replace my phone,will i have to pay another fee. thats what i need to know,if it involves money i need to know before hand.


Thats what i need to know.aslong as we as customers are paying our fees monthly,we want our phones working correcty.if i can get this issue fixed locally at the verizon store i will.i rather do it in person so i can talk face to face to a verizon tech.


Whats your opinions.