Re: Blackberry signal issue


I am having the same exact problems and am at the end of my rope with the runaround.  And since Verizon's tech support can't figure it out, I'll be switching since other people who come to my home on other carriers do not have any problems.


Been having this problem for about a year and it's happening on ALL 3 of the phones on my plan when inside our home--2 Blackberries and 1 LG ENV.  We've lived in our home for 7 years and this just started happening a year ago.


We have to go outside in the front driveway to take any calls.  And if we walk back inside the home, the call gets dropped.


We called tech support, they opened a trouble ticket and told us for a week that when we experience a dropped call to dial *** and send, and when the voice recording comes on (says we dialed a wrong number) we can hang up.  Well, I dropped HALF OF THOSE CALLS!


They researched it, had tech support drive the area, and they can't figure it out.  Say the signal is fine and the only thing they can think of is that traffic is up.  REALLY?  They told us there are 6 towers within a half mile of us.  Remember, I've been with Verizon for SEVEN years with no problems until about a year ago.  Have had our current phones for 2-3 years so it's not the phone.  Have done the 228 thing many times as well as the Verizon tech folks.  Have had them push all kinds of various updates to all our phones and still having the same problems.  And this is only with Verizon.  If anyone comes to our house and has a Verizon phone, they drop calls.  If someone comes to our home with AT&T, they are fine.  And, having talked to others who live in our community---if they have Verizon's service they are having the same problems.


Hope you're reading this Verizon.  You've got about $250 a month from me for 7 years that you're getting ready to lose.