Blackberry signal issue


Ok I been having a blackberry 8530 for a couple months now.Well it never lost signal not one time ever.It was always stable,no problems.well i spilt drink on it and had to get it replaced.Well they sent me another blackberry.Well all was fine,now its droppin signals like crazy in here.When it never had the trouble before.I go outside and it gets full signal and its like it still acts funny.when im in here i have a few signal bars and i try to send a text and it fails.Im about up to here with it.I switched from att to verizon for that same problem.Is it the phone?Because i never had the problem till recently.I would even lose 3g,it would go 1x.whatever that is.I about lost my mind earlier when it did it.this is my bedroom.I spend alot of my time in here at night .


The phone works great besides that.It just feels like the signal on this phone is crappy compared to the other one i had shipped off.advice anyone? i paid 89 dollars to have it replaced.i was better off keeping the dead one.As you can tell im a bit frustrated.I love verizon this has been the smartest move we have ever done when it comes to phone services.


I brag about it all the time how we never lose signal to att customers.Now all a sudden with this phone only.its being a turd nugget.If you guys got any advice let me know.Because i cant just dish out 89 dollars everytime i got a phone issue.

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