Re: Bold 9650 and OS


fifthgear001 wrote:

So what is Verizon's offical stance on something like this? I know they won't troubleshoot it or anything but does it really void your warranty if you don't use a Verizon offical OS release? Since it was mentioned it just has me wondering.

They will not troubleshoot any apps that are not theirs and they will not honor the warranty on an OS that hasn't been released by them.


I questioned CS awhile back on hybrid OS's.  The supervisor said no but when I explained that hybird OS are still using their base OS and a combination of RIM OS files some being theirs, the supervisor said she would have to check on it and call me back.  That was few months ago and she never called back.  Guess it wasn't worth her time to be polite to a customer.


So I am sticking with my loaded hybrid OS on my Storm 2.  It runs better than ever!