Re: NOT Happy!!!!!!!!!! With Verizon Wireless


Hey bud, I feel for you in regard to the customer service.... but thats a big corporation for you. They do not care about the individual customer.


There is a battery pull app in the BB app store, it is free. I moved here from TMobile and I had to pull my battery about once a week becuase it my phone would stop talking to the service if I didnt... no clue why but thats the excuse they gave me.

When i moved to Verizon and got the BB I found the app there ans installed it. I have my phone so it shuts off at night, and wakes up in the am before me, and I have the battery pull app set to run 5 minutes after the phone wakes up every day. That way it is fresh for me every day. I have not had any problems as yet other than the BB being a bit on the sluggish side...

Hope this helps you some.