Re: what rateplan do you get with these type of devices?


sillyshyme wrote:

I got the $79.00 blackberry 450


I understand from your profile you have the new Storm2 and you got one of the Blackberry Nationwide Email plans 450 minutes for $79.99 a month.  I am not sure I understand your question, "What rate plan do you get with these type of devices?"  The rate plan you state you got gives you 450 voice minutes plus unlimited data for the Blackberry Internet Service which is unlimited data for web surfing on your device.  You get unlimited access to email on 10 email accounts.  SMS text messaging and MMS picture and video messaging is not a part of that particular plan.  You would need to move up to the Blackberry Nationwide Email and Messaging plan for $99.99 for 450 minutes.  I hope this might answer your question.


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