Re: Blackberry Tour 9630. Does not have the Today Calendar themes.

With themes for the blackberry Plazmic is the platform that people use to make themes. You should be able to find free themes like {no third party software/apps links please} has some. you will want to check the description of those themes to make sure they include a today calander theme. Themes that people make will only address certain aspects of the blackberry. example most themes, in my experience, will focus on a background image and icons. {no third party software/apps links please} is another place to find free themes. A precaution: if you donwload third party applications/themes they are unsupported by verizon wireless and if they cause issues you'll just wanna wipe the handheld.
Message Edited by WendyM on 08-18-2009 11:40 a.m.