Re: What happened to the Call Log icon in the new OS upgrade, and how can it be restored?

It's called EFFICIENCY.  I moved the Call Log icon to my home page folder.  It was in the first two rows, so it was always present.  Up to this point, I (and as it turns out, many others) was able to access that log with one press of an icon to quickly make return calls or to call someone that was recently (not  just the last, but up to the last 30) called.  What's the difference between one press/click or two or three?  It's efficiency.  It's making it easier for the customr.  Your previous post, that "you have to get used to the new features" is the same attitutde (arrogance?) toward the customer that one would expect from GM or Sprint, and now the former is fighting to survivie and the latter to regain the same customer base as Verizon.  You don't mind clicking through three layers to get to the same info, that's your choice.  My losing the ability to do it easily in one, was not mine.  Now do you get it?!   Removing a feature is not an enhancement.  Not listening to a LOT of customers (check the other blogs), devastating.