Everyone is being so helpful to each other Smiley Happy

but my original complaint still stands. One cannot contact Verizon by e-mail, and it should be obvious that many Verizon customers want this option. It is a mystery, and I am really interested now in Why, that Verizon doesn't have a customer service email.

my personal reasons:

1)   I may have time to go over my bills only at odd hours, I'm not interested in talking on the phone or being on hold.

2)   If I do have a problem dealing with a large entity ( ie. the bank, the cable company, etc.) an email is useful because I can state specifics; dates, account numbers, etc. and get to the point without having to suffer a customer service script where they have to apologize that I'm having trouble, or try to sell me something.

I do appreciate real people customer service when it is warranted. And I do appreciate a real person answering an email and addressing a real problem when I have one. I think THAT is real customer service. and I think a customer forum in general is a very odd thing when you do not have email access to customer service ( ? )

Unless this forum is monitored by people working for Verizon... In which case those people should be paid to answer customer's emails instead. It is very obvious by the number of posts complaining about this situation that if they cared about what their customers wanted, they would change it.

Obviously someone is reading these posts since Ronnie F's personal info was removed. Too bad they couldn't just answer the posted question and resolve the issue  Smiley Sad