Re: How do I save a voicemail message?
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First of all I am sorry for your loss.

One way would be to record your voicemail onto some type of media by using the headphone plug on your phone. There are adapters you can use to connect in this manner to your computer microphone input for example. An example of an adapter can be seen HERE although I am sure less expensive ones are available.

If you are unable to do it in this manner, you can also get a copy in the following manner which can also be seen HERE:

Can I have a permanent copy made of a Voice Mail message?

Sí, se pueden hacer copias permanentes de tus mensajes de voz de muchas formas, pero CBW Productions, Inc. puede hacer una copia para ti por un mínimo cargo. Go to CBW Productions and select the format you wish to use for your message archive. This is not a Verizon Wireless service and before any Voice Mail messages can be copied, you must register with CBW.

Si no tienes acceso a internet, puedes comunicarte con CBW directamente y hacer un pedido por teléfono de lunes a jueves entre las 9 a.m. y las 5 p.m., hora del Este, y los viernes de 10a.m. a 4p.m. al (800) 770-8046 o al (877) 244-3222.

Note: In order to have a copy of your message(s) made, you will be asked to provide CBW Productions, Inc. with your mobile phone number and Voice Mail password(Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchore... so they can access your mailbox. The message(s) you wish to have copied MUST still be present in your voice mailbox. If a message has already been deleted, it cannot be retrieved or copied. Tus mensajes de voz no pueden ser optimizados; por lo tanto las copias serán exactamente como las oyes en tu buzón de correo de voz; si te han dejado un mensaje indescifrable, la copia del mensaje también lo será. This archival service is not available for SMS(Note: Following this link will open a new window with the glossary page, anchored to the definit... (text) messages. CBW also provides Notary services for Voice Mail messages that are being archived.

Good luck.

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