Re: Basic phone that will work after 12/2019

Líder Sénior

@LoveMyQwerty wrote:

Are you are saying that the verizion representative that I spoke to was misinformed (or not updated)? Should I assume you are more knowledgeable and that I should start trying to find a provider that will support my phone come December?( I just purchased an unused phone that shoud last at least 2 years.)

I'm saying that Verizon has well published ahead that they are shutting down CDMA service.  All Verizon, there is no difference between pre and post paid.   Your phone is cdma only.  When CDMA is shut down your phone will not work.   It is also unlikely to work on another network.  

Wait until Verizon notifies you your phone won't work.  They may make you an offer to replace it.