Re: False 411 calls charged to my bill


OK, customer support got back to me as promised, said they confirmed the calls were actually made and the charges would stand.  I responded that based on the frequency and timing of the calls, there is no way that I could effectively utilize the 411 service 29 times in just 10 minutes in which they agreed.  Based on that Verizon CS was willing to reduce the charge to half.  Once again I restated that they are charging me for a service I did not receive (the fee of 1.99 per call is not for the cost of the call but the service that is provided) so therefore shouldn't have to pay for any of them. I restated that I have choices in wireless provider and with my contract expiring in 3 months that the handling of this "glitch" be it my phone's fault or theirs will impact my choice moving forward.  With that the CS rep agreed to credit the full amount as finally sanity does prevail, make the customer happy over a lousy $60 and keep him. Especially when you consider the loyalty factor and the fact the customer never uses the 411 service and this is in fact a one off event, not a regular occurrence. It's not about the amount, it's about VZW's willingness to make concessions to a customer when there is a dispute in order to maintain a healthy business relationship.  For that they gained some points today.