Samsung Brightside "Memory Full" error message


My wife's Samsung Brightside has always given her trouble with her texts. She is constantly receiving a "Memory Full" error message about receiving new texts. In going through the forums here, I have tried to run the phone on and off, and have deleted unused apps. It says that she has plenty of memory in the "phone memory" section: Internal memory (where all texts are stored) shows 68.02M free with 31.7M used. So the internal memory is less than 1/3 full. And yet the error message remains, The only option I have read is the "auto delete inbox" option- but wouldn't that, ummmm, delete all the messages in the inbox? She wants to keep her messages (shocker!), and since she hardly used the phone for much else, that shouldn't be a problem (especially with her 16Gig external card being nearly empty). So what is the real fix for this? If this has been a common problem for a couple of years (which it looks like going through the forums shows that it has been), this issue should've been fixed by now. Regardless though, it is what it is and I need to know what to do next to get her phone in better working order. Thanks!!

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