Re: Dear Santa / LG / Verizon: How about a phone camera revolution?

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First, 21stNow is a "she", not a "he".  Second, I don't seek the last word, so that's not the point of this post.  Third, that was not a flame war.  That was rational discussion for something that was suggested and desired, but not likely to occur.  Even if you took it as a flame war, you would be admitting that your side came off as combative because there are two sides to a war.

A similar idea to the one that you proposed has been tossed around by those that admit that it probably won't happen.  There are people who suggest that phones should be able to be customized or special ordered to meet the individual users' specification requests.  Many who want physical keyboards on phones want something like this, as there are very few high-end smartphones with physical keyboards.  There are also suggestions for basic phones with better screens and larger fonts.  Short of made-to-order phones, this isn't likely to happen.

Many people make the suggestion to even smartphone users that if they want to use a high-end camera, that they should get a stand-alone camera.  It's not hardly a bad thing to suggest.  Everything from basic phones to smartphones are made with the idea that it is a phone first while everything else is secondary.  I realize this and I'm one of the "phone last" users.

Even though your post was long, I did read the entire thing.  However, it seems like you only wanted opinions that agreed with yours or patted you on the back for coming up with this.  Even in discussions, differing opinions will arise.  I made a suggestion that was more realistic in meeting your needs and wants right now, instead of saying "hey, keep your dream going.  Maybe Verizon Wireless will listen to you!".  Verizon Wireless doesn't manufacture phones.  A request like this would have been better made with the manufacturer rather than the carrier.  Specifically, Nokia likes to put some impressive (on paper) cameras in phones.  Reaching out to them would probably produce better results than asking a carrier for different hardware.