Re: Old iPhone trade in for iPhone 6?

Líder Sénior

Ranand wrote:

Vanessa. Can you purchase the new phone anywhere and then apply for the trade in after and get the $200 credit?

It amazes me that people ask this question. Verizon is promising a trade-in value on the purchase of a new iPhone. If you don't make that purchase with Verizon, then why would they offer you a promised trade-in value. The KEY word here is "trade" as in I give you one thing and you give me another. If you make the purchase SOMEWHERE ELSE, the statement becomes I give you one thing and you don't.

When you purchase a car at a dealership, do you find the dealership with the BEST trade-in value and then go purchase the car somewhere else and STILL expect the dealership to honor that trade-in value without making the purchase??? I don't think so.