Re: Old iPhone trade in for iPhone 6?

I have read through all the posts on this thread and did not see my question answered so here goes.....  I am eligible for an upgrade. I have an iphone 4s that has been in an otterbox since I got it so it is perfect condition. Can I pre-order my iphone 6 / 6plus tomorrow for the $199 cost and then once it arrives (hopefully the 19th) take my new phone as well as current 4s directly to my local VZW store and have them run the trade-in transaction to confirm the $200 gift card to be mailed and then take care of activating my iphon6 and transferring everyone over? When pre-ordering will I have an option to say I am going to trade-In my old phone but will do that in store as opposed to mail-in once the new one arrives.

Thanks in advance!