Re: BEWARE BOGO $700 Off Promo or Other Promo Offers


I am in the same nightmare. I have gone into the corporate store, who says their hands are tied, call corporate 611. I call that worthless number and all they say is talk to the digital assistant. I try to chat with an agent (human) and they will not let me chat with a living person. When I tell them I want to buy another line, they let me connect to a live agent but when they realize I want to chat about a current issue the chat goes dead and it states a error has occurred.  How does one speak to a human being in this company. I cannot belive after 20 some years of being a customer,  a loyal customer never going outside to look for a better deal, and they treat me like this.  I have tried at least 20 times to reach a human contact and when they see it is me or one of the phones on my account, they say we see you've tried calling, please connect to the digital assistant and chat. Endless circle - how do you connect with a human being at Verizon? I'm ready to eat the cost of both phones and take my business elsewhere.