Re: iPhone X Insurance - Asurion is a Rip-off


I experienced this same problem with Asurion today.  I have a fully-functional iphone XR that I bought new from Verizon less than 6 months ago.  My screen cracked.  I sent it off to Asurion and received an email stating that they are unable to fix my phone and to call them.  I called and was told that my phone didn't pass diagnostic tests and therefore could not be fixed for the $29 payment.  When I pressed for which diagnostic test it failed, the phone service person could not give me specifics.  I was then advised that my only option was to pay a full $199 for a replacement phone.  This felt WRONG and I told them so.  I had already called local cell phone repair shops and was told the charge for replacing the glass on the XR would be $200 so I felt stuck when Asurion pulled this.  Now, after reading this forum, I expect they aren't sending me a new phone at all but rather a refurbished one and my original phone which is PERFECT will be recycled by them to make more money.  This needs to be investigated and STOPPED.