Re: BEWARE BOGO $700 Off Promo or Other Promo Offers

Líder Sénior

@ScottPreston wrote:

BEWARE of the Verizon Promotion Department using tactics to deny paying out on promotions.  I bought 2 Apple XS Max phones using the BOGO $700 Off Promotion days before the promo ended.  The Verizon rep made a mistake on the order and had to cancel and reenter it one day after the promo ended.  The Verizon rep assured me that this WOULD NOT impact my promotional credit.  I even kept copies of the chats as proof.  I contacted Verizon every month following and every month Verizon realized that it was their mistake and issued 1 month of equivalent credit to my account.  After the 5th month Verizon said the promo department has closed the case and will no longer issue credits.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I could've sued and probably would've won, but I would rather handle things by warning my colleagues, friends, and family then search for a better carrier.  I'm sure that there are better carriers that deserve my $400 per month.

You knew they were wrong, which is why you saved your chat.  File a BBB complaint and Verizon will have to contact you.