Re: Apple Music Subscription through Verizon won't verify!


I finally got the issue resolved on April 8, 2019.  I had to go to Apple Support and the issue had to be escalated to the Engineering department as none of the Techs I worked with were able to help me resolve it.  In the end, I figured the issue out myself and resolved it, however, they did point me in the direction that ultimately resulted in my resolution.  They had me looking on family members phones to see if my Apple ID was somehow listed on their accounts and it wasn't, but I was thinking about that and I went into my contacts and noticed that had double contacts for 1 of my family members.  As I looked down through the information on the contact, I noticed that on the one contact it said:  Linked ID:  and my Apple ID was listed there.  It was at the very bottom of the contact info.  I looked everywhere to see how to "unlink" it but I wasn't successful, so I just decided to delete the contact.  After that, something just told me to go check and see if my subscription would verify and it verified my subscription immediately and the problem was resolved!  

To summarize, the issue was with my Apple ID being linked to another Apple Music Subscriber's ID.  Let's just say that Apple is SERIOUS about not letting anyone rip them off by sharing Apple Music Subscriptions and since there was this one little instance where my Apple ID was linked with theirs, they were NOT going to let me have an Apple Music Subscription until that issue was resolved.  I hope this helps someone else with the same issue.  I haven't found this solution listed anywhere that I looked and it took over 2 months to figure this out!

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