Re: Apple Music Subscription through Verizon won't verify!

Asistencia al cliente

I appreciate all the information and the steps that you have taken, Muzicluvr3. When it comes to adding the promotion, you would have to be an Account Owner or Account Manager. Below are the steps to add the Apple Music promotion from your computer.

1. Visit on your desktop or mobile browser or sign in to My Verizon through
2. Roll mouse over My Plans and Services
3. Click Manage Products & Apps
4. Under Premium Products tab click Get Apple Music
5. Select the line you want to enroll in the free Apple Music trial, accept the Terms and Conditions, select confirm. Repeat for each eligible line you would like to enroll.
6. Each line will get a text message with a link to the Apple Music App if downloaded, or the App Store if not
7. Keep in mind that only Account Owners or Managers can activate and manage the trial, so you’ll need their help to start your trial if you’re an Account Member.

If these steps do not work, then it’s possible that you are not an Account Manager or Account Owner. At that point, the Account Owner would need to add you as an Account Manager. They can do so with the following link:   AdamB_VZW