Re: Apple Music Subscription through Verizon won't verify!


Thank you for your reply!  I really need help with this!  I did have Apple music previously and I cancelled that subscription.  Additionally, i also withdrew from my "family" subscription through Apple and signed into the App Store and iTunes with my personal and individual iCloud ID.  I'm not sure if I am the account owner or just a manager, but I think I'm the owner.  I receive the Account Bill in my name.  I am permitted to make changes to the account.  I signed up for the 6 months Free Trial with an Unlimited Data Plan.  There are 2 other phones on my account and each device is independently enrolled.  The other 2 phones are having no problem at all.  Previously before removing myself from the "Family Sharing" account, we would receive a message that "it looks like you are listening on another device".  For this reason, I withdrew from the Family sharing account and signed into the App Store and iTunes Store with my personal iCloud ID.  But, now it will not acknowledge my subscription through Verizon asking me to continuously either sign up for Apple Music or "Joined through Verizon?  Verify your Account".  And to reiterate again, the very first thing I did was cancel my previous subscription through Apple Music.  Apple does not show that I have any type of active Apple Music Subscription, whether through Apple OR through Verizon.  

Thanks for any help and please keep helping me!