Re: Apple Music Subscription through Verizon won't verify!

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I can tell by your name that you're a music lover like I am, so I can certainly understand the concern if you're caught in a loop while trying to register for the Apple Music offer. We don't want this to be exhausting for you any longer, so let's get this corrected ASAP for you so you can take advantage of this awesome deal!


First and foremost, what plan are you currently on with us? Are you the Account Owner or Manager of the account we're trying to activate it on? Have you already gone through and canceled your Apple Music subscription through Apple?


Si ya te inscribiste en Apple Music, cuando ingreses a Apple Music con tu Apple ID, serás redireccionado para cancelar tu suscripción duplicada a Apple Music. Si deseas aprovechar tu suscripción incluida de Apple Music, cancela tu suscripción actual en Configuraciones en Apple Music. Question #5 within the link here ( will guide you through the process as well. 


Let us know how this works for you.


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