iPhone X Insurance - Asurion is a Rip-off


Asurion will NOT fix an iPhone X screen. They charge a $199 deductible to ship you a used iPhone replacement. Doesn't matter if you have a small crack, shattered your screen, or threw it in the garbage disposal. $199. They're making too much money off us. They just replace the screen themselves and ship it to the next person.

For reference, if you crack the screen on a brand new Samsung they'll send someone out to your house (same-day) to replace it for $29.

Verizon should have a disclaimer about this. You would save money if you didn't pay Asurion and just went to Apple to get it replaced if you happened to crack the front or back. It's definitely a scam.

My question is: How does Asurion and Verizon get away with this?

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