Verizon canceled my iPhone7 Plus preorder and did not notify me. And there's "nothing they can do."


I check my order status every day. I ordered TWO iPhone7 Plus, one for myself and one for my mom. My mom's came last week, and my order status disappeared. I figured since my expected ship date was 10/12, things were just moving on Verizon's end.

I called today just to check in, since my order status has been missing for over a week. I call, and the rep told me my ORDER HAS BEEN CANCELED (without TELLING ME). She said they charged my card on the 25th and the card declined. From that day apparently, I had seven days to update the card info. Crazy thing is, I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED.

I called back, and a different rep told me there was nothing they could do. I explained that at the Verizon store I visited back on 9/14, I asked the lady to change the email address on file, since that one is no longer used. She said no problem!!!!!

Except there is a problem!! My order is cancelled, and there's "nothing they can do." They told me I need to reorder, and I can expect my iPhone NOVEMBER 23RD. Nope. I'm absolutely livid, and customer service is no help. Clearly they do not want my business any longer.

My fiance has been wanting me to join his unlimted data plan on AT&T for a while, but I thought Verizon was the best network provider (until this very moment.) So fair warning to you people whose "Order Status" has gone blank.

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