Iphone 7 Annual Upgrade Program with Device Payment Plan


When I am signed into MY VERIZON today (18 de septiembre) I am offered the following "Buy the iPhone® 7 Plus and upgrade to a new annual upgrade eligible device every year"  

However, when I look at Verizon's detailed "Annual Upgrade Program Terms and Conditions" it says that

"Devices eligible to participate in Annual Upgrade Program: iPhone® 7 and iPhone® 7 Plus

iPhone® 6s and iPhone® 6s Plus, purchased on or before 8 de septiembre de 2016"

My question is: Am I eligible for the Annual Upgrade Program if I buy a Iphone 7 today? If so, the "Annual Upgrade Terms and Conditions"

needs to be updated.  If not, I should not be offered this program via "My Verizon"


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