iMessage/ SIM Card Issue


I'm traveling abroad for an extended period of time, until mid-April. Before I left I cancelled my service plan so that I wouldn't be charged for a phone I wasn't texting/ calling with. However, with WiFi I was able to still use iMessage, which was the main reason I purchased an iPhone in the first place.

After seeing how much my phone's battery was being drained from having no service, I removed the SIM card. I still had all my contacts, but of course I couldn't message anyone.  I was unaware that by doing that it would actually disconnect the iMessage capabilities, too.  People were unable to reach me and I was unable to iMessage as well.

In an attempt to remedy the situation a foreign SIM card was put in the phone. Now my foreign number, not the Verizon one, is trying to connect to iMessage. Though the contacts I have in my phone don't have the foreign number.

So I took that out, put in the old SIM card and now my phone won't recognize it. But when I put the card back in, it still wasn't able to reactivate iMessaging.

iMessage will only work through my email, and it still says I'm connected to the foreign network, even though I have the old SIM card in. I'm glad I can send iMessage through email, but I'd like to avoid those annoying Facebook posts saying "Anyone trying to contact me message me at ''

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Gracias.

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