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Have a hacking problem here as well apparently, have 2 iPhones 5s, supposed to be billed 3rd party, iPhone verizon account said phones not on bill computer verizon log on said phones not paid for, ended up paying for on a AMX card. do not know how to resolve it. Both phones identical updates , but act differently, messenger as an example, can not use Facetime either, hacking issue changed to new SIMS, still hacked, any advice, local office Verizon seemed to care less. Iphones iOS 8.3 ANYONE help with this.

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Re: Also tried to say Facetime not work either, both iOS 8.3

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This has certainly got our attention! I am so sorry to hear that you are having these troubles. A little clarification, you have an account with us, correct? Do you own any iPhones? Please elaborate a little bit more so we can assist further.

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Re: Also tried to say Facetime not work either, both iOS 8.3

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AN iPhone is almost unhackable.   Accounts can be hacked, like email, but that is not a phone problem.

EAch user should have their own Apple ID. 

TRouble shoot facetime and iMessage with apple support

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