Re: Erroneous hotspot data charges on iPhone 5


The erroneous data charges continue to pile up:

9/26/2014   1:53 pm   35.96 Mb, the start point, a valid charge

9/26/2014   7:53 pm   724.2 Mb,

9/27/2014   1:53 pm   526.43 Mb, so I used 526 Mb while asleep. The iPad was on briefly and showed 35 Mb while looking at weather reports

9/27/2014   7:53 am   415.9 Mb, again usage while I was asleep. I did check the weather briefly at 7:00 am, the ipad showed  only 30 Mb of hotspot data usage 

So in 24 hrs I was charged for 1666.5 Mb of data usage I did not use. My Verizon service is becoming unusable. For the next four days I will be exclusively on WiFi (not on the iPhone's hotspot). I'll monitor my WiFi usage that way too. After all, the iPad shouldn't be able to tell the difference between WiFi and hotspot. Just to be clear, over 90% of the reported usage above was hotspot usage according to the iPhone's data tracking.