Re: Note 4 Lollipop phone connecting to WiFi and 4G at same time


That was more or less the conclusion my tech support guy came up with. Again, he said that he'd call back the next day with more information, but never did.

If remembering to toggle mobile data off and on every time you come to and leave your house is the solution (I think that's pretty weak, personally), it would be nice to automate that process. For instance, if I'm connected to WiFi, at least prompt me to do it. But, at that point I'm sure Verizon would say that's on Samsung's shoulders since it's their interface/overlay.

Really disappointed that you, essentially, got the same response rclksr. I never had this problem while I was running KitKat, so to be told otherwise by Verizon is BS.

There has to at least be an explanation. Maybe Verizon will step up at some point and let us know.