Re: Nexus 5 was not picked up by Verizon because..


Chrisrackley is correct is correct it has nothing to do with compatibility or CDMA or anything like that folks. Spring uses CDMA also and their customers are getting the Nexus 5. It all boils down to 'CONTROL.' You see Verizon don't want any device on their network work they cannot control what goes on it and not being able to fill it (as Chrisrackley stated) bloat ware. It's one of the reasons why although if your phone is capable of being unlocked Verizon refuses to unlock certain phones which are capable of being unlock. They tell you that the phone either cannot be unlocked or if you unlock it, it won't work internationally or on any other carrier by just putting in a SIM from that carrier (Not True Folks.) Verizon is the Matrix of the mobile business - They want to always be in Total Control not allowing you freedom of choice.

I think I'm going to be switching carriers. I have two lines on Verizon under a family plan and my line is currently up for renewal since the beginning of September and my other March next year. I have been waiting for months anticipating the arrival of this phone and getting STIFFED once again by Verizon doesn't make me happy. I've had enough and unless Verizon'S president Lowell McAdam pony up and allow his customers some freedom by the time the next phone on my contract is up I will be an Ex-Verizon customer.

Allow the Nexus 5 on the network Lowell McAdam stop being a Slave Master to your customers. Without us you don't have a job and Verizon doesn't exist - FREEDOM!