Re: How do turn off keep off or remove the auto word suggest/correct on my Lucid 2?

Líder Sénior

On page 29 of the user manual: (Word suggestion toggled off will do what you want)

Go to Apps>>Settings>> Language and Input

   LG Keyboard - Checkmark to select the LG Keyboard to enter text.

Tap to change the following settings.

Input language & type: Allows you to select the keyboard language and type.

Word suggestion: Allows you to set word prediction and auto word correction.

Auto capitalize: Checkmark so capitalize the first letter of the word automatically.

Auto punctuation: Checkmark to insert a period when double tapping the space key.

Voice typing key: Checkmark to display the Voice typing key on the keyboard.

Touch feedback: Allows you to set key preview, sound feedback, and vibrate feedback when typing.

Handwriting: Allows you to set the pen width, color, and delay time.

Path keyboard: Checkmark to enter a word by drawing a path through all the letters.

Hide keyboard: Checkmark to allow the keyboard to hide by swiping down.

Fuzzy pinyin: Checkmark to automatically correct common pinyin mistakes.

Software version: Displays the LG Keyboard software version.

You can download the entire manual here:

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