essential Apps installed?


Hi, please help.  Anyone please share a list of must-have apps? Your favorite games, wallpapers?

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Essentials, let's see

Screebl: keeps the screen on when the phone is held in a usable position (configurable).  Allows me to set the screen timeout to the minimum (15 seconds) so that when I set my phone down, it shuts off quickly, but the screen stays on if I am reading an online article.  Also has an optional stillness timeout so that, if it is still within screen-on range while on the table (maybe gets set on something that holds the phone at an angle), it will still timeout after a period of time.

Lookout Ad Network Detector:  shows me which apps push those irritating notification bar ads.

ShopSavvy: scans the barcode of most products to give comparison prices both online and nearby.

Bible (YouVersion):  Bible app with downloadable translations, as well as audio, and reading plans.

Any mobile banking app:  check accounts, make transfers, pay bills, some even allow you to deposit checks from your phone.

Google Drive: cloud storage, as well as editable documents in the cloud.

ES File Explorer (or any good file explorer app):  allows you to access files on your sd card without plugging into a computer.  Good for moving stuff into specific folders, cleaning out your card.

Evernote:  note taking app that syncs with your computer.

Movies by Flixster (or Fandango):  check movie times, reviews, view previews, buy tickets.

GroupMe:  group chatting app.  Allows me to chat with my buddies all at once, rather than trying to text all of them at once.

Handcent:  text messaging app.  Much more configurable than stock app, will even allow to set different tones for different contacts for texting.

JuiceDefender:  turns off mobile data with the screen, with occasional connection to allow for syncing of email, calendar, etc.  Saves much battery.

Netflix:  movies on my phone? What?!?!

Simple Calendar Widget:  nice looking calendar widget so I can see everything from my homescreen.

BattStatt:  battery percentage widget in a text style

SoundHound:  music ID app.  What's that song?  SoundHound will tell you.  You can even hum or sing it, and it can ID it for you.

Starbucks:  cause I'm an addict and I can never keep track of my cards.  You can pay with your phone at most Starbucks locations, as well as add new cards and add value to your current one.

Zedge:  wallpapers (good quality) and ringtones.


Angry Birds (all of them):  I know, how hipster of me, but they're fun.

Armored Strike:  turn based tank warfare with online play.  Honestly, I don't play this one much anymore, but I do find it fun and come back to it every once in a while.

Flick Golf! (and Extreme):  name pretty much says it.  Fun game.

Fruit Ninja:  fruit slicing game.

Homerun Battle 3D:  homerun derby game.

Road Warrior:  post-apocalyptic racing game.  Upgradable weapons, vehicles, armor, vehicle customization.  Do flips for a boost, with online play, my current favorite game that gets me in lots of trouble with my wife.

Some of these are paid, some are free, all are available in the Play Store, and all of them go back on my phone immediately if I have to do a reset or get a new phone.  Check them out, use trial versions (or free versions, which may not include all features, but give you a good idea of the app), and have fun.  It's amazing what these phones can do.

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Re: essential Apps installed?


Thanks So much..

I am thinking of starting a blog which will focus on Android Apps safety.

Thanks for your list!

By the way, Sir, are you working for VZW? Can i invite you to write for my blogs?


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Considering I just factory reset both phones recently, this is fresh in my mind.

Google Music

An antivirus app (I use a different one on each phone.)

SMS Backup and Restore

Battery Left Widget


Brightness Profile

Sound Manager v2

System Panel Manager


Chrome Beta

These are the must haves.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: essential Apps installed?

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Of course, "essential" is a matter of opinion, but here are several I use a lot (besides apps pre-installed on the phone, such as Maps):

  • Wikipedia (Official Wikipedia App from Wikimedia) - generally quicker to use than accessing the Wikipedia Website through the browser.
  • ColorNote - Lets you keep little notes and to-do lists, with alarms. Includes a widget to "stick" a note on your Home screen.
  • ToMarket Pro - Fine shopping list app for going to the grocery store. Good customization in adding items to the database.
  • QuickOffice Pro - Paid version of the office-document app that came pre-installed. Great for reading PDFs, creating short documents, etc.

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My personal favorites are:

Easy Money for my banking (Purchased version)

Office Suite (Purchased version so that I can change things)

Score Mobile (being a sports nut)

Trust Go (a phone protector)

Alarm Droid (my alarms are all set up)

Aldiko Premium (Purchased) so I can read my favorite books while waiting to see the doctor, etc. Sometimes I even get to read a whole book while waiting.

Area Code so that I can check an unknown area code when I get those spam phone calls.

There are a few more that have already been mentioned, such as Color Note, that I also use.


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mortb, can you say a little about Aldiko in comparison with Google Books? I've purchased a couple from Google, and the reader is OK, but no better than that. Do you know if I'd be able to transfer my purchased Google Books into Aldiko?


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I don't believe transfers are possible. I like Aldiko because they have more free books available. Granted, most of them are classics, but nothing wrong with that. Being a mystery/detective nut, I've downloaded a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories, and several others. Some of the mystery books I've never heard of, but they were enjoyable to read. Google Books also has some free books, again, mostly classics. However, so far, they don't even come close to the number of free books Aldiko has.


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Thanks. One of the books I bought from Google is the Sherlock Holmes Complete Novels and Short Stories. I've read them so many times, but every once in awhile I just need to go back.

But the Google Books interface is a disappointment. The search feature doesn't really work reliably, and there's no lookup feature such as I see that Aldiko has (and the e-reader I had on my Palm Treo had). I'll definitely have to check it out, even if I can't get my Google books on it (although I get the impression from this post that perhaps I can, through the My Catalogs feature).


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There is a Sherlock Holmes apps in the store which you can download for free. It has every story, long and short, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever wrote. The icon shows an Inspector Closeau type looking through a magnifying glass. Check that one out.