Verizon needs an ANSWER 4 The Samsung Galaxy Fold


The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been Re-Released by Samsung and is now being sold in The United States, but it's only being offered EXCLUSIVELY by AT&T. The Galaxy Fold has a hefty price tag of $1980!!  Since this phone is EXCLUSIVE only to AT&T; Verizon doesn't have any phone in their lineup that can compete with the features and specs of the Galaxy Fold.

There may just be a phone that can compete with the Galaxy Fold. This phone is created by LG and It's called The LG V50 Thin-Q (model # LMV-450VMB). This phone is already currently being offered EXCLUSIVELY by Verizon. But this isn't the model I'm referring to; the model I'm referring to, isn't even sold in the United States. This particular LG V50 Thin-Q (model # LM-V500N) is only being sold in South Korea. This Korean version has all the great specs and features of the US model, and it also comes with an attachable Dual Screen Adapter. This Dual Screen Adapter easily attaches to V50 frame and allows it to become an INSTANT Foldable Tablet. This phone is AMAZING!!...But for some reason, LG refuses to sell it in the US. The Korean V50, costs $839, and the Dual Screen Attachment, costs $185...That's still way cheaper than the $2000 Galaxy Fold!! This phone is probably THE BEST AFFORDABLE OPTION to compete against the Galaxy Fold!!

Since Verizon already has the exclusive right to sell the US Version of the V50, It would be a smart move for them to convince LG to release the Korean Version (along with the dual screen attachment), to be sold EXCLUSIVELY by Verizon in the US....Verizon could even beef up sales by Re-Branding it as: The V50 Thin-Q "S"...Hopefully, the management at Verizon will listen to my suggestion and make it happen.

For more information on the Korean Model V50, see link below