Re: New Verizon Wear OS Compatible Smartwatch


Most Verizon Employees are not familiar with this watch.  I'm not sure why, but Verizon has done a horrible job of educating their employees on a watch; that they themselves have sanctioned to work on their network.

This watch can be purchased at (not sure why Verizon doesn't sell it).  If you don't plan on using the LTE Cellular service, then there won't be any additional cost to you.  If you plan on using LTE, you will need to pay for an additional phone line.  The additional line will cost you $10 per month.  You can activate the LTE Feature at any Verizon Store.  Just walk into the store with the watch and original box, then ask the store rep. to scan the bar code and activate the watch, just as they would for any other Verizon device. 

You cannot activate the LTE Feature on this watch without 1st having the IMEI # (which is printed on the original box).