Re: "Can't connect to your Voice Mailbox" error 9004... what does this mean? where is the error?


I called my cell from another line and left a test VM message.  The VM message appeared immediately on the cell and could be listened to normally.

One thing that is unclear about this error message is the meaning of "can't connect to your voice mailbox"  which is followed by "Sorry, we're having trouble connecting to your voice mailbox..." So who is "we" who can't connect? The Verizon system? The app on my phone?  And what does "can't connect" mean?

I just saw the error message again, tested again, and successfully left and retrieved a VM message.

Perhaps this message is reporting an intermittent condition that is very brief and not a problem, or maybe it's a false error message entirely.

My concern is that it is reporting a real (if intermittent) condition that at some point will cause me to miss a VM that I would want to receive. Peter


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