Re: 5+Spam calls per day? Is this normal?

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Spam calls is a problem. Both mobile phones and landlines are susceptible. While I haven't been receiving five to eight per day on either my mobile phone or landline, I average one or two on any given day.

The volume of calls tends to ebb and flow. Lately, most of the ones I have been getting pertain to signing up for healthcare. Telephone numbers passed along with caller ID are often spoofed fake, or working but unrelated.

Not much can be done. Telemarketers switch the telephone numbers that they pass along frequently, so, blocking individual numbers isn't very effective. I just ignore the calls and let voicemail do its thing. I have an Avaya Partner ACS at home, so, the auto attendant effectively kills robots calls in that auto dialers  can't outpulse the extra digits to get past the auto attendant.

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